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Getting Your Message Across - Verbal Communications Workshop

People who need to make their point very clearly, and often very quickly, tend to follow a simple and easy to follow approach to getting their message across.

Whether you need to communicate a new idea to senior managers, influence your colleagues to support your proposal or inspire direct reports to make a change, the workshop shows how to use an OPEN© approach to communication.

Projecting confidence, credibility and trustworthiness requires specific tools and strategies. It doesn’t matter whether you are communicating one-to-one, with a small group or team, or even making announcements to larger groups, the basic communication practices remain the same.

Targeted Results As a result of the learning solution, you will:

  • Get your message across more effectively

  • Make credible, authentic presentations, versus artificial sounding pitches

  • Better analyze your audiences and situations and plan your communication message

  • Be better able to frame your message to specific audiences

  • Apply the OPEN© approach with confidence

  • Establish credibility and trust in your messaging

  • Exhibit a strong sense of self-confidence with your peers, direct reports and managers

Target Learners People for whom communication is key: whether one-to-one, small teams or even larger group presentations


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