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Impactful Connections

Blue Consulting & Resourcing is proud to serve a global audience. We have the scope necessary to provide the learning solutions you need, and the resourcing to make your training goals a reality. We look beyond the obvious to find innovative ways of solving existing and future challenges. Reach out if you’d like to join our growing list of satisfied clients.

Financial Excellence

Reinventing Learning

Our consultants were the driving design and development force behind a Pipeline Redesign for a large financial organization which was awarded the 2015 ISPI Award of Excellence for outstanding intervention in the field of Human Performance Technology.  The “time-to-proficiency” was significantly reduced from 27 weeks to as little as 7 weeks. On average, learners quickly attained a level of performance on the job that equated to or exceeded those successful on the job, as measured in terms of business performance metrics, resulting in significant return on investment.

Manufacturing Innovation

A Fresh Start

Our consultants have resolved a variety of enterprise-wide performance issues with innovative instructional design to assist the transition from PeopleSoft to Workday. We have created customized job aids, participant guides and end-user guides. Sharp consultants conducted significant needs analysis across multiple areas to generate creative solutions, including many aspects of change management and corporate communications, to reshape previous negative employee experiences to have a positive business impact.

Micro Learning

Maximum Impact

Our team worked to deliver a massive set of standalone micro learning units which combined into a gamified delivery system that emulated the actual work. By the time learners completed the five-week on boarding they had already taken over 200 "micro-calls." A sophisticated spreadsheet tied each micro learning to a single objective, making it possible to mix and match units as required to meet the specific needs of alternative learner groups (primarily cross-training). The transition from classroom to live calls was nearly seamless. We were pleased to deliver a single solution for multiple audiences that cut time to proficiency from months to just days.

Rapid Design

What Great Looks Like

Our team worked with a client to dramatically improve service by inbound Customer Service Representatives (CSR). The  new performance requirements were beyond the skill set of many of the existing CSRs and justified a significant investment in training to improve performance.
We proposed a unique approach which delivered faster and more significant results. We worked quickly with leaders to develop a clear "What Great Looks Like" (WGLL) document breaking down the new expectations for CSRs. The WGLL showed CSRs exactly what was needed and also provided a solid coaching standard for managers.

The WGLL made the new role “come to life.” Within a matter of weeks customer satisfaction ratings jumped an average of 25-30%, achieving an overall 95% level for the first time ever. CSRs reported back that they "got it" and the call center morale soared.

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