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Building Competencies for the Future - The Workshop


As technological advances change the nature of work and even the nature of organizations, job roles too are changing rapidly. Furthermore, companies move highly skilled employees quickly into lateral moves or advancements as a way of leveraging and retaining their human capital investments.

Employees today must build competencies that allow them to flex with changes to their job, their organization and its culture. This course is for anyone in a rapidly changing

work environment.

Learn the competencies to thrive within changing organizations that are being constantly drawn into a changing future. Understand the ways in which jobs are changing universally and within your company and why this detrimentally impacts traditional competency models. Then add the competencies to your repertoire and support employees to do the same.

Targeted Results

As a result of the learning solution, you will:

  • Analyze your company’s changing environment and determine the requisite competencies for

  • yourself and your employees.

  • Discover the future and the competencies necessary to thrive within it.

  • Master the seven core competencies for the future (in any job role)

Target Learners

  • Anybody who expects to be in the workplace 10 years from now.


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