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Training Delivery

BCR Pre-packaged training solutions

All BCR virtual training solutions are designed and delivered to address your specific needs. Workshops are typically delivered in 4 hour modules, with pre-work and post/interim assignments that is

  • Highly Relevant: Based around what people need on the job.

  • Flexible and Efficient: Built around 4 hour modules, in-person or remote “Virtual Classroom” delivery.

  • Client Specific: Designed around client scenarios, customized and tailored to needs.

  • Hugely Engaging: Designed to draw learners in, delivered using relevant “war stories” and examples.

  • Application Focused: Learners apply skills, real-world examples are used as exercises.


We're so confident that you will see how powerful our solutions can be, we are prepared to offer you an opportunity to experience a workshop completely free of charge. We offer two “pilot” workshops each month to enable you, or your colleagues to field-test one of our workshops.

To Register, email us you name, title, company name, and contact number for a call back within one business day where will discuss which workshop would best meet your needs.

Catalog Summary

Critical Thinking Skills Cluster

CTS 1: Critical Thinking Skills- Using Rational Logic

CTS 2: Problem Solving Skills- Getting to the Root Cause of a Problem

CTS 3: Decision Making: Making the RIGHT Choice

CTS 4: Strategic Problem Solving Workshop

CTS 5: Strategic Decision-Making Workshop

Influence Skills Cluster

IS 1: Influence Skills - Getting the Response You Need 

IS 2: Negotiation Skills: Reaching Agreement on Your Terms

Management & Supervisory Skills Cluster

MSS 1: Bridging the Generational Gap

MSS 2: Building Competencies for the Future

MSS 3: Collaboration- Getting Results from Collaborative Work

MSS 4: People Styles-Adapting Your Personal Style to Get Results

MSS 5: Mastering the Matrix

MSS 6: Managing Conflict

MSS 7: Coaching Skills (Coming Q1 2021)

MSS 8: Providing Feedback- Having Difficult Conversations (Coming Q1 2021)

Communication and Presentation Skills Cluster

CPS 1: Verbal Communication- Getting Your Message Across

CPS 2: Written Communication- Making Your Point In Writing

CPS 3: Presentation Skills- Making First Class Group Presentations

CPS 4: Meeting Facilitation Skills- Achieving Results through Facilitation

Consulting Skills Cluster

CS 1: Internal Consulting Skills- Become a True Business Partner

CS 2: Needs Analysis Skill-: Understanding Performance Gaps (Coming Q1 2021)

CS 3: Core Consulting Skills- The Art of Consulting (Coming Q1 2021)

Virtual Working Cluster

VW 1: Virtual Teamwork- Getting the Best From a Virtual Team

VW 2: Virtual Teamwork- Keeping a Virtual Team Connected

VW 3: Virtual Teamwork- Finding My Place in a Virtual Team

Learning and Development Skills Cluster

LD 1: Learning Needs Analysis 

LD 2: Basic Facilitation Skills- Bringing Training To Life

LD 3: Instructional Design Fundamentals-Designing for Engagement

LD 4: Virtual Facilitation Skills

LD 5: Virtual Design-Transform Your Face-to-Face Course for Remote Delivery

LD 6: Defining “What Great Looks Like”

LD 7: L&D and Agile Design (Coming Q1/2021)

Virtual Workshops: List
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