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Our Network

Blue Consulting & Resourcing provides quality resources to our global clients, to work on a "staff augmentation" basis where required. In this model, the client, manages and plans the work of the consultant for an agreed period of time and at an agreed hourly rate. We simply provide the perfect resource -- globally.
Beyond our Leadership Team, we have a network of fellow professionals who we work with to extend our pool of resources.
Over the years of working on projects and client assignments, we have worked with some of the very best people in the profession- and so our extended team comprises an extended team of similarly skilled people across the world who all share our passion for world-class Learning and Development and Performance Improvement.

Extended Consultant Network

If you are an independent consultant and would like to be part of our impressive network, please submit an application. Establishing a relationship with Blue Consulting & Resourcing will enable you to:

  • find new opportunities for yourself 

  • network with other independent consultants 

  • share ideas in an exchange forum

  • benefit from introducing new leads to a team of professionals

Networking Event
Virtual Course Facilitator
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