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Working Together


Committed to Collaborative Excellence

Our consultants have all been part of the Learning & Development consulting world for a long time. We have worked with some of the world’s top tier consultancies, and some prestigious businesses along the way.

Our leadership team has experience of working with the likes of:

Accenture, Amazon, Ameritech, American Capital Strategies, AT&T Wireless, Bank of America, Bank of New Zealand, BioRad, British Petroleum, Bell Helicopter, Capital One, DDI, DHL, Eli Lilly, Ernst & Young, Gap Inc., Gulfstream, Herbalife, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, Lockheed Martin, Massachusetts Mutual, Oshkosh, Pacific Power & Light, Pfizer, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Scansource, Southwest Airlines, Southwestern Bell, Southern Cal Edison, Suncor Energy, Tate & Lyle, TTAPP, USAA, USAID, Whirlpool


Word on the Street

Former Vice President of Learning and Development at USAA

I first worked with Graham while I was Senior Director in Human Resources at AT&T Wireless back in the 1990s when we brought him to develop a range of training courses on our behalf, and what was produced was outstanding- better than anything we had ever seen. Learner reaction was literally "off-the-scale" in terms of feedback.

For that reason I also then engaged his services again when I moved to DHL and then to Bank of America, because I always knew that engaging him, and his team, meant that we were working with some of the best Instructional Designers in the business. As a L&D professional in a buyer role, what I wanted to know was that I was getting the best talent at the best possible value-and that is what I believe he and his team provide.

The results his team achieved when I was at USAA were truly astounding. We brought them in to develop a suite of learning solutions, some extremely complex training for huge numbers of people in the organization- and they once again delivered. They listened to what we asked, went away and produced solutions which consistently "blew our socks off" in terms of results. Learner time to competency was slashed, and the solutions they developed were fantastic simulations of what people would actually encounter on the job. His team were model "business partners". They listened, they learned and then they delivered. What's more, I always felt that they were willing to truly partner with us, invest themselves in our success and never simply to take our money and run."

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