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Getting the Best From a Virtual Team- The Workshop


Managing individuals who are geographically remote and not co-located can be challenging. Remote working has become the norm in the current crisis and our experience is that most managers don’t appreciate the difference in the ways to manage remote employees. As our workplaces are now linked virtually though technology, to get results, the leader of a virtual team must approach employees very differently from the way they manage co-located teams.

Perhaps the biggest challenge most people have in remote management is the fact that they can’t see people working and so managing to deliverables from a distance becomes a huge challenge. Our workshop provides some practical advice on how to establish trust and how to ensure virtual team members flourish in this environment.

Learners will also explore ways to foster effective collaboration remotely and how to communicate within an effective virtual team.

Targeted Results

As a result of the learning solution, you will:

  • Appreciate the challenges associated with leading virtual teams

  • Develop a set of robust tools, models and methods to drive performance in a virtual team

  • Develop trust and see the benefits of trusting relationships in a virtual team

  • Establish a sense of community within a virtual team

  • Leverage technology more creatively to communicate more effectively with remote employees

  • Empower your virtual team to better performance

  • Establish effective virtual team management strategies to foster collaboration in a virtual team

  • Learn to trust people, and to use technology tools to manage deliverables

Target Learners

People who are leading virtual teams.

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