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Excellence in Virtual Facilitation - The Workshop

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Next week (Friday Feb 5th) BCR will be showcasing our “Virtual Facilitation “ workshop.

The workshop is designed to help anybody who is faced with facilitating virtual training- and the workshop has received some outstanding feedback:

“ This workshop showed me how it SHOULD be done. Not only did we learn about virtual facilitation, but we say first hand a demonstration of how it is done. Thank You.”
- DB (Financial Services business)

LD 4: Virtual Facilitation Skills


This workshop focuses on the two key challenges facing a Virtual Facilitator- namely how to adapt existing classroom materials for virtual delivery, and how to foster engagement through the use of technology tools.

Participants will learn how important it is to provide enhanced learner engagement opportunities and how to come across professionally and impressively in a virtual environment

Targeted Results

As a result of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Explain the key differences between classroom and virtual learning experiences

  • Modify materials so as to increase learner engagement

  • Leverage technology to increase learner engagement

  • Present yourself professionally and confidently in a virtual setting

  • Set up, monitor and debrief virtual learning activities

  • Prepare effectively for virtual delivery

Target Learners

Facilitators who are transitioning from classroom to virtual delivery need to master a whole new skill set.

To register a FREE place on Friday’s delivery, (go here, Talk to Us | Blue Consulting & Resourcing (, enter the COUPON CODE “Showcase2021” BEFORE you click “Pay Now”.


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