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Decision Making: Making the Right Choice - The Workshop


Making choices can be difficult, whether it is a purchasing decision, the choice between different courses of action or even recruitment choices. We need to have a clear process for structuring and communicating our decision-making methods.

An experienced BCR facilitator will walk you through a systematic decision-making process for making a rational choice, avoiding the biases and assumptions that can so often undermine good decision making.

Using case studies and practical exercises, you will learn new ways to make choices and select options. You will learn to think your way through systematic decision making so that you consistently make the RIGHT choice when faced with a range of alternatives.

Targeted Results

As a result of the learning solution, you will:

  • Avoid making assumptions and being led by biases, when faced with making a choice

  • Make more effective decisions, based on objective reasoning and rational logic

  • Avoid emotion reactions that can influence your best thinking

  • Communicate more easily the rationale and logic used in making decisions and recommendations

Target Learners

  • People who routinely have to make decisions or recommend options as part of the daily work

  • Managers, supervisors, individual contributors, HR professionals, hiring managers

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