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Become a True Business Partner: Consulting Skills - The Workshop


Individuals who act as internal consultants face challenges very different to external consultants.

Because you work for the same organization, you sometimes lack the perceived status or authority to deliver value. You can sometimes be seen as a “necessary ‘evil” versus a truly valued business partner. In this short workshop, we look at how to position yourself credibly and how to win the respect of internal clients.

Being able to establish the right working relationship with internal clients, and setting the right expectations is key to the internal consulting relationship. In this short seminar we look at how to position yourself as a consultant when you are a “known entity” and cannot draw on the “mysterious credential” card.

Targeted Results

As a result of the learning solution, you will:

  • Understand the key challenges associated with “internal” consulting

  • Establish better working relationships with your internal clients

  • Set better expectations with your client about roles

  • Plan better interventions with your internal client

  • Be seen as a valued business partner, versus merely a “pair of hands”

Target Learners

Internal consultants who work for centralized groups, providing service to lines of business

HR, IT, L&D, Finance, Audit, D&A, Risk & Compliance professionals


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