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Why Millennials LOVE the PROVE in Learn/Play/Prove

We all recognize that Millennials have a different approach to learning, but we've discovered something very interesting about why they are naturally drawn to a LEARN/PLAY/PROVE design.

We’ve found that millennials need to know up front what's expected of them! As digital natives they are used to clicking around, often out of traditional sequence, making quick decisions about the value of a variety of different media. Millennials will frequently use PROVE as an advanced organizer to understand how they will be evaluated and to manage how much time they must invest in learning the content. Don’t be fooled… this is not a ‘will this be on the test’ approach as much as it is a ‘how serious are they about assessment’ review.

As savvy consumers of digital learning, millennials want to know if a superficial understanding is going to be sufficient to pass a weak, multiple choice ‘recognition test,’ or if they really need to dig in to master the content for a scenario driven application. They want to know what is expected of them to succeed both in training and on the job.

They won’t just take your word for it though! Your assessment has to command their respect and their time by adding value. That means in addition to clear learning objectives, you will also need a clear performance standard AND scenario driven assessments that are accessible before any content is delivered. Can your current training do that?

Learn/Play/Prove doesn’t just add value for millennial employees, its also good business! Since millennials value powerful professional development training almost as much as salary, it can be another great talent management strategy to increase retention of your top employees.

How does your instructional design go above and beyond to support millennials? Schedule a free consultation today to find out how BCR can help improve your design.

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