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Webinar: Migrating Painlessly to Virtual Delivery - 6 Guidelines

In the past several weeks, learning organizations across the globe have been rapidly shifting to virtual delivery- with varying degrees of success.

The reality is that migrating existing classroom materials requires us to make some crucial adjustments to the learning materials to ensure they are “virtual ready”. It sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? But in reality, by following 6 crucial guidelines it can actually be done very quickly, and very effectively.

In this webinar, we will look at what instructional designers must do to rapidly migrate existing materials into materials which will better engage the virtual learners, and what facilitators can do to drive up interaction and engagement. We explore some of the challenges and share our “6 Guidelines” to enable a rapid migration to a virtual delivery format- without the pain that some organizations are experiencing.

Last week’s free webinar was oversubscribed, so if you were unable to register, we apologize. But the good news is that we are running a second one-hour free session on Friday April 10th at 10.00am EST.

Register for this FREE session by emailing us. Just click HERE. Registration will close at midnight on Wednesday, April 8th.

Please feel free to share this link and invitation with other Learning and Development professionals.

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