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Virtual Workshop Showcase

Over the past twelve months we have all been adapting to online learning- with varying degrees of success. The fact is that BCR had decided to offer a range of virtual workshops, before the pandemic struck, and so maybe that’s why we have been so successful in delivering remote workshops?

Our blogs and podcasts of late have been explaining some of the reason we believe we have found the most effective way to facilitate virtual learning- and now what we plan to do is to enable you to be the judge of that yourselves, by SHOWING you what we can do.

BCR are therefore hosting two “Showcase” events where, at a highly subsidized cost, we are offering an opportunity to experience one of our solutions. See for yourself how we do it and sample our style and approach. These two showcases are selected from our full range of available workshops, -see the website for full details of our virtual workshop offerings.

SHOWCASE 1: Adapting Your People Style- Friday January 29 10.00-12 noon CST

Everyone has preferred ways of acting and interacting with others- and we are all different.

Some people work quickly, others more slowly. Some respond better to data and others to stories or personal experiences. Some can be impulsive, others less so. The fact is, people are different and have different “people styles”.

BCR’s People Style workshop helps you understand your own “people style” preferences and those of others. Most importantly it teaches you how to recognize the behavior of others and create strong, productive relationships with anyone, by changing your own style to accommodate the needs of others. Based on the work of David Merrill and Read, this workshop helps participants to recognize behavioral and communication preferences, and to adjust their own behaviors to create productive working relationships with individuals of all People Styles.

Showcase 2: Virtual Facilitation Skills- Friday February 5 10.00-12 noon CST

Over the past twelve months, as we have all migrated to virtual delivery, some trainers have been much more effective than others. That is quite simply because it takes something special, and something different to be able to facilitate learning in the virtual environment. What was successful in the traditional classroom may not be quite so effective across the virtual divide.

This workshop focuses on the two key challenges facing a Virtual Facilitator- namely how to adapt existing classroom materials for virtual delivery, and how to foster engagement through the use of technology tools.

Participants will learn how important it is to provide enhanced learner engagement opportunities and how to come across professionally and impressively in a virtual environment.


To register for either one of these “Showcases”, simply register online or email your interest for a group booking to For only $99 per person, you can join us to see first hand how we do it.

Whether you are an Learning & Development buyer, wanting to see what we can offer and what we can do, or whether you just want to take advantage of the learning opportunity, contact us as soon you can because places are limited.

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