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Theoretical Course Upgrade Made Easy

Here at BCR we're always interested in research-based upgrades. The research around First Principles is compelling. Sometimes, we feel like we don’t have time to upgrade our courses based on new research. However, we’ve found that a theoretical course upgrade is easier than you think. In academia, this is called “Action Research.” In industry, it’s sometimes referred to as “Test, Measure, and Adjust.”

Learning and development professionals are uniquely motivated by what gets the best results with the highest return on design time invested. Based on the results of this work, when courses are slated for redesign, using current research to frame the upgrade, you can expect improved student outcomes.

You can gather some baseline data, review current research, looking for easy ways to improve low student outcomes. Then publish the upgrade, gather some more data, and see what’s changed – “Test, Measure, Adjust!” Easy, right? Tell us about your experience applying theory.

Read the conference proposal below to find out more of the research background or check out our conference video recording from AECT2020 where a couple of us from the BCR Network advised Dr. Reo McBride on new ways to apply ISD research for an easy course upgrade.

AECT Updated Proposal 2020
Download PDF • 269KB

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