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Strategic Problem-Solving for the Uninitiated

There’s everyday problem solving and then there’s STRATEGIC problem solving.

If you need help getting to the root cause of mission critical problems and making strategic decisions that actually address the reasons and causes the problem exists – then we have the workshop for you!

Finding the real cause of a business issue is key to making the right strategic recommendations. This workshop focuses on a proven method for deconstructing strategic problem solving and decision making. Using case studies and practical exercises, you will learn the essence of strategic thinking, learn to think your way through a range of hypotheses to arrive at the true cause of a business issue, and to develop strategic decisions which will impact the organization.

As a result of this learning solution, you will:

  • Gather information about a strategic issue efficiently.

  • Deconstruct problems and decisions effectively.

  • Test your hypotheses quickly and rigorously.

  • Facilitate group thinking to get to the root cause.

  • Control reactive fixes to problems even in an uncertain business environment.

  • Generate new ideas and evaluate future scenarios more effectively.

  • Communicate and present your rationales and recommendations more succinctly.

  • Know when to focus effort on further analysis, even if resources and information are limited.

If you’re a mid-level or senior leader then this is the right place for you to learn how to strengthen your strategic thinking skills using a proven method, famous for hypotheses-based problem solving and decision making.

Contact us NOW for a FREE consultation to find out how we can help you and your organization improve your strategic problem solving skills. Or check out all our customizable course offerings in our Course Catalog at Blue Consulting & Resourcing.

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