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Pre-Packaged Training Done YOUR Way!

At Blue Consulting & Resourcing we aim to deliver the most cost-effective training solutions, customized for your organization. We are often asked about “Off-the-Shelf” training solutions and we are thrilled to be able to announce the launch of Phase 1 of our “Packaged Solutions” suite of training.

Our solutions are organized into six key “clusters” of available solutions:

  1. Critical Thinking Skills

  2. Management and Supervisory Skills

  3. Communication and Presentation Skills

  4. Training and Development Skills

  5. Consulting Skills

  6. Influence Skills

These solutions are the first wave of available packages, and they all share a set of key characteristics:

  • Highly Relevant: Based around what people will need on the job, and customized for any industry

  • Client Specific: Designed around client scenarios, tailored and configured to client needs

  • Application Focused: Learners apply skills, real-world examples are used as exercises

  • Hugely Engaging: Designed to draw learners in, delivered using relevant “war stories” and examples

  • Flexible and Efficient: Built around 4-hour modules, for in-person or remote “Virtual Classroom” delivery. Never more than 8 hours IN TOTAL.

To describe these as “Off-the-Shelf” solutions is something of a misnomer. We prefer to call them “Pre-Packaged”, because they are all immediately available, as developed solutions which we can deliver at a moment’s notice. But we also recognize that “one-size never fits all”, so we think it is vital to ask the questions “What EXACTLY are you trying to achieve through this training?” Depending on the answer, the final packaging of your solution may be configured slightly differently from the next clients, as do your needs.

Delivery of the workshops can be on-site or remote, and our deeply experienced Delivery Team are extremely skilled in presenting the workshops, in bringing the materials to life- with examples and war stories that make it engaging and relevant.

Most importantly, we aim to make this the most cost-effective training solution your organization has available. Check out our full catalog and see how we can meet your need for more efficient and effective learning TODAY!

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