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Learn/Play/Prove: How to get more BANG for your buck!

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

One of the biggest challenges in developing your people is making sure that individuals are provided with a customizable opportunity to learn what they need to know in the way that is most relevant to them as individuals and NOT to assume that “we know what they need to know”. Far too often we adopt a “one-size-fits-all” approach to designing learning for a group of learners- when in reality their individual learning needs are actually quite different.

Using Learn/Play/Prove design means that learners can access the learning they need, consume it in a way that is most appropriate to themselves and, most importantly can exercise judgement in investing learning time only in what they need to learn, removing the wasteful process of relearning what they don’t need because they already have that required knowledge or skill.

Designing learning this way, achieves the benefit of: - Providing personalized learning paths- and eliminating frustration in learners - Reducing wasteful investment in learning what is already known - Reducing overall investment in learning time - Reducing learning time to competency/proficiency - Providing learning in the context of the job/role they are performing

Even in highly regulated industries, where some content is mandated, there's still tremendous opportunity for customized pathways to competency. Adult learners appreciate having a say in how long they spend time with the content, practicing, and being assessed. Our experience creating learning in this way has helped individual learners reach levels of competency in vastly accelerated timescales, with significantly reduced frustration while also delivering to the company an overall increase in productivity and efficiency.

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