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Customized Courses – The New “Pre-packaged” Option

WOW! In the past two weeks we have been deluged with questions about our “Pre-Packaged Solutions” suite of training. Check out the new catalog, if you haven’t already!

We recently began working with a highly-reputable, research-one institution interested in giving their students the edge in ID consulting. They wanted their consulting course specifically to focus on developing techniques for marketing, networking, and growing business as a new consultant. Their version of our consulting course is;

  • Highly Relevant for instructional design students interested in becoming consultants. They NEED to develop consulting skills outside their core ID competency. We customized our course materials for what they will use to win work as independent ID consultants.

  • Client Specific for higher education. Designed around student scenarios, tailored and configured for those with freshly minted degrees or alumni looking to make the shift.

  • Application Focused where every exercise helps learners develop and apply skills to their personal situation. NO BUSY WORK!

  • Hugely Engaging using authentic “war stories” from recent ID graduates and real examples of hiring fiasco's we motivate students to actively participate.

  • Flexible and Efficient using a blended delivery model good for both busy students and working alumni. Online examples and pre-reading, combined with 1-hour in-person modules, for lively in-person interaction or interesting remote replay, for maximum flexibility.

Already students are raving…

“You are brilliant, I'm just saying!  I've been struggling through all this to figure out how to get more consultant/independent contractor jobs.I really like the objectives and purpose of the class and I think it [will] benefit me greatly.”

If we can do this for non-traditional client in higher education, imagine how we could deliver more relevant and cost effective learning for you?

Schedule time NOW to talk with our sales team about we can customize our “Pre-Packaged Solutions” to meet YOUR needs.

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