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BCR Virtual Workshops - the "Secret Sauce"

Over the past few months we have all seen how challenging it can be to create meaningful learning experiences in the virtual classroom. In truth, we all know that a lot of what is passed off as “virtual learning” falls well short of what is expected and required.

But at BCR we think we might just have found the “secret sauce” and hit on a method that works- and we think we have found a way to do this at a fantastically economic way.

Our existing catalogue of approximately 30 different virtual workshops has been receiving outstanding feedback. You can see the range of offerings if you visit our website. Our clients tell us these are the most effective virtual learning events they have ever attended. It’s our belief is that these workshops are so well received because they are:

  • Short, impactful 4 hr sessions

  • Application focused and relevant to real work

  • Designed to change behavior

  • Generic, yet quickly customized to any client situation

  • Affordable

And we aren’t at all ashamed to say that we believe we are offering the highest quality virtual learning experience at less than 50% of what our competitors are charging.

As well as our catalogue of existing virtual workshops, we are also creating new virtual workshops for clients -- at a cost that will surprise you. If you have 50/60 learners, we will invest our own time and effort at NO COST, to design and develop a virtual learning experience on any topic or subject you need. Maybe you are launching a new process, introducing a new tool, or maybe you have an emerging skill need that has to be trained virtually.

If you want to sample what we can do, we will be hosting some showcase events during early December, and you can join in the experience for as little as $149 per person. If you are interested, simply respond to this message by emailing us at .

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