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A Rapid Switch to Virtual Delivery?

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Virtual training can help keep employees connected and feeling valued in tough times. It's a good way to help protect your investment in human capital.

Sadly, as we all are so very aware, the business impact of Coronavirus is beginning to take hold. And predictions suggest that problems are going to drag out over many months until the impact has subsided, and vaccines are made available.

In the meantime, business travel has been halted, people will be increasingly working from home and live training events have been put on hold, or have been cancelled. We face potential challenges very different to anything we have faced previously in the Learning & Development community- and we need answers.

Interestingly, based on what a number of our clients are telling us, some businesses are hoping to not discontinue training efforts, but are looking to virtual delivery options as a way to continue helping their people learn and develop. They are also planning on using virtual learning as a way to keep people engaged while working at home. Ironically, in some cases, we have even heard of examples where some clients believe that increased home working may even provide opportunities for people to complete MORE learning, rather than less. But it will be DIFFERENT learning. The fact is that we can’t immediately tell people to “dial in, it will be the same as being there”- because it won’t. We need to recognize that simply “going virtual” isn’t going to work.

The problems are that:

  • You can’t just “do it virtually” unless training materials are designed for virtual delivery, it won’t work!

  • Unless materials are delivered in a different way, then distant learners disengage and “tune-out”.

  • Classroom-based facilitators don’t always understand key virtual delivery methods, and are not ready and able to transition without help.

  • Using the online communication tools (like Skype, Zoom, Webex etc) for virtual delivery is quite different to how we have been using them for meetings- don’t think its as easy as that!

Fortunately, BCR have been thinking about, and using, virtual delivery as a primary way of reaching global learners-and we already have a set of existing workshops which are delivered virtually. Now we think we may be well positioned to help our clients make a fast transition to the use of virtual delivery platforms by:

  • Quickly modifying existing materials to a format ready for virtual delivery.

  • Rapidly training your traditional classroom-based trainers to become effective virtual deliverers .

  • Assisting practically, in the setting up of delivery tools, and helping in the actual delivery, either as co-facilitators or helping your classroom trainers by assuming responsibility for the “virtual bit”.

Call us to chat through the challenge you face with classroom training halted. We are only too pleased to talk and see if we can offer some perspective.

We think we can help in a few different ways.

BCR - Making Virtual Delivery Work for You

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