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The ROI of Role Plays

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Over the years, I've found that adding role plays to your exciting new training is a lot like getting socks for Christmas... no one seems especially excited to see them packed inside a shiny new box BUT they are a very useful gift that when done well, always improves performance when used to provide a safe place to grow into a new role!

However, the poor training we frequently encounter usually has 2 or 3 badly designed role plays. Without clear guidelines for quality performance, participants feel vulnerable and facilitators feel unsure how to give meaningful feedback. As a result, we get the 2-3 obligatory role plays that everyone trashes on their training evaluations as the part they HATED most.

Child pretending to be a pilot
Role plays help you practice in a safe environment.

We take a brave new stand against all the role play haters out there! We can demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) for well-done role plays when paired with a clear "What Great Looks Like" (WGLL) standard. Our results in reducing time to proficiency speak for themselves!

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