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Making Purchased Learning Relevant to Your Business

Putting the “Wrap” on Generic Learning

Very often, organizations attempt to meet the learning needs of their employees in one of two ways. They either invest lots of money and effort into creating custom learning or they purchase generic learning from a third-party hoping that it will meet the unique needs of their culture. Neither of these options is necessarily a bad choice, but they both have their challenges.

Custom Learning Option

Custom learning will usually meet the unique needs of the organization. Unfortunately, many companies don’t have the resources, money, or the time to invest in these kinds of costly development efforts. Even bringing in learning consultants to do the work can cause a strain on personnel acting as SMEs and reviewers.

Generic Learning

There are many companies out there that specialize in developing generic learning solutions for soft skills, technical skills, and software. The training may have an initial cost if purchased and controlled by your organization or it could have an ongoing cost if maintained by the third-party. This could be a great solution for those on a limited, but it’s likely to lack specific application to your unique organizational needs and culture. Adult learners often struggle with spanning that gap between knowledge and application.

There Is a Solution

Blue Consulting and Resourcing works with their clients to help them utilize the best aspects of both of these solutions. We call it a “Wrapper”. Working with the client we help them to identify third-party content that meets their general needs. We then work closely with their Subject Matter Experts to identify any gaps that may exist between the ‘generic” learning and the desired outcome. This may take the form of targeting readings, organizationally specific scenarios, narrative applications, additional mentoring, or workshops. Customized wrappers allows the organization to provide tailored

learning opportunities for a fraction of the cost of full custom development while still meeting the specific learning needs of their employees.

If you’re a mid-level or senior leader that struggles to find an efficient and effective way to meet the changing learning needs of your employees, this may be a solution that will work for you too.

Contact us NOW for a FREE consultation to find out how we can help you and your organization improve your training solutions.

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