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Adapting Your Personal Style - The Workshop

If you weren’t one of the people to sign up for our FREE virtual training “Showcase” on People Styles last week, then you missed out! The workshop has been so well received:

“I know I can use this, for once it wasn’t something theoretical, but something practical and usable!” - JP
“I will be able to use this as from tomorrow to help make the kind of changes that I have always found difficult” - AP

And here is what you need to know about it.

MSS 4: People Styles-Adapting Your Personal Style to Get Results


Everyone has preferred ways of acting and interacting with others Some people work quickly, others more slowly. Some respond better to data and others to stories or personal experiences.

BCR’s People Style training helps you understand your own preferences and those of others. Most importantly it teaches you how to recognize the behavior of others and create strong, productive relationships with anyone, by changing your own style to accommodate the needs of others.

Participants will learn how to recognize behavioral and communication preferences and adjust their own behaviors to create productive working relationships with individuals of all People Styles.

Targeted Results

As a result of the learning solution, you will:

  • Discover your own People Style.

  • Determine the People Style of others.

  • Use that information to moderate your behavior and make that person more comfortable, allowing you to resolve conflict.

  • Adapt your own People Style to achieve effective results.

Target Learners

  • Anybody who is required to work with others, in teams

  • Managers, Team Leads, Project Managers, Sole Contributors, Supervisors, Process Owners

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